elevator screens

  • Tailored customization
  • Seamless integrations
  • Ultra-slim
  • Modular design
  • Versatile configurations
  • Invisible integration
  • Surprising
  • Engaging content
  • Dynamic content
Introducing SERENITY Built-In Digital Mirrors, an innovative solution transforming elevator experiences. Our customizable solution seamlessly integrates screens with mirrors or glass finishes and offers diverse configuration options. The modular, ultra-slim design meets various application needs. Ideal for high-traffic locations such as conference centers, shopping malls, airports, train stations, and offices. From informative announcements to entertaining content, SERENITY enhances the customer experience with unexpected surprises.

Create your custom SERENITY

A SERENITY solution is custom-built for your lift, ensuring it meets your specific requirements. It is important that you understand the possibilities and clearly communicate your preferences to us.

Mirror dimension

Provide us with the dimensions (height and width) of the desired mirror along with the dimensions of the elevator. The minimum thickness, including the mirror, is 40 mm.

Display size and orientation

Determine the size and orientation of the desired display. Ensure that the display size is always smaller than the mirror. Multiple displays can also be placed behind a single mirror if desired.

Display location

Since the mirror is usually larger than the display, you have the freedom to choose the display location. It does not have to be centered; specify the height and position relative to the center.

Mounting and securing

A proper installation must be safely and securely mounted and should seamlessly match the surrounding wall finish. This requires careful coordination with the elevator’s technical drawing and will always be determined in consultation.

Media player location

Given the size, we prefer to place the media player for a SERENITY in an accessible location outside the construction. This allows you to access the media player if necessary without dismantling the SERENITY. With a maximum cable length of 10 meters, you can choose the ideal location.
Once these factors have been determined and all necessary information has been provided, we can develop the SERENITY for you.

Download all information about the SERENITY

Integrated mounting

Our screens do not require a VESA mount bracket. The housing is designed to be mounted directly on the elevator wall, ensuring a sleek finish with a minimal depth of 40 mm. This optimizes the available space in the elevator.

Optional IR sensors

The integrated motion sensors make the INVITE a sustainable solution. The IR sensors ensure that the backlight is automatically turned off when no one has been near the screen for an extended period. This results in efficient energy consumption and an optimized lifespan of the panel. Additionally, these sensors can activate content when someone approaches the screen. Think of switching to a different template or shrinking the content, which is particularly relevant for a mirror.

24V DC

Most SERENITY solutions operate on 24V DC and can be directly connected to the elevator’s 24V power supply or to 230V via an external power adapter. Using 24V low voltage ensures a simple and safe installation, saving both time and money. This low voltage solution reduces the risk of electrical accidents and enables installation in a wide range of elevators without extensive electrical modifications. Additionally, using 24V DC supports compatibility with existing elevator infrastructures and promotes energy-efficient operation.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

For screen sizes up to 27 inches, power can be supplied via PoE. PoE combines power and data connections through a single cable, making installation simpler and more cost-effective. It provides reliable power supply and increased safety by using low voltage cables. Additionally, PoE simplifies maintenance and allows for scalable expansions without complex wiring. This makes PoE an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for integrating screens in elevators, enhancing the reliability and operational efficiency of critical building management systems.

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