for us, sustainability is not just a marketing slogan, but a part of our development DNA

For a company that develops electronic products, sustainability compliance goes beyond solarpanels and driving Tesla’s. Our products are future-proof, right from the drawing board. Based on energy saving, eco-friendly parts, reparability and recyclability.

how we do it

high on energy saving

Our solutions have been developed very specifically for digital signage applications. Smart sensors activate or deactivate the screen only on movement. So, no unnecessary, energy consuming functionalities when there is no one around. 

low on restricted substances

All our electronic components comply with the restrictions on substance of very high concern. Necessary concentrations are kept below 0.10%. The external housing of our products are made up from recyclable materials such as aluminum, steel and glass and occasionaly wood.

low on replacement

Our products have a modular structure. Every part can be replaced without the need for specific tools. This means that in the rare occasion a screen develops a defect, we only have to replace or repair the parts that are broken. Not the whole device.