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Step into a new era of convention center communication! Experience the advantages of digital signage and wayfinding solutions, elevating your event experience. Our vandalism-resistant INVITE screens are the perfect fit for public buildings like exhibition centers, strategically placed to captivate visitors in key touchpoints such as busy corridors, restrooms, elevators, and parking garages. For smooth navigation, both permanent and temporary, rely on our INVITE and ARCADIA free-standing solutions throughout the convention venue.
INVITE screens
Transform convention center corridors with strategically placed digital screens. Our INVITE is perfect for this application, tightly mounted against walls with vandal-resistant housing. Unlock the added value of smartly positioned screens in high-impact locations. Engage attendees with dynamic content, enhance communication, and streamline wayfinding. Elevate the conference experience, captivating visitors at every turn.
ARCADIA screens
The ARCADIA free-standing screen redefines conference and venue displays. Its durable, customizable design seamlessly integrates with any player and OS. Available in 32″, 46″, and 55″, it offers unparalleled interactivity, future-ready technology, and effortless content management, ensuring immersive and impactful presentations.
restroom media
Maximize the added and commercial value of restroom media in your convention center. With attendees spending extended periods and frequenting restrooms multiple times, this 1 on 1 contact is invaluable. Exhibitors can effectively draw attention, making restroom media a compelling revenue model. Engage visitors, promote brands, and create impactful experiences. Enhance your convention center with this dynamic advertising solution.
wayfinding kiosk
Introducing the INVITE with touch option: Your ideal and strategically placed wayfinding kiosk. This interactive marvel utilizes motion sensors, seamlessly switching from digital signage to wayfinding when someone stands before it. Optimal screen visibility ensures the message never goes unnoticed. Elevate user experience, guiding visitors effortlessly through your space. Unlock the power of smart navigation and content, all in one dynamic package.
XPO Screens Narrowcasting Digital signage Invite XASTing Elevator Screens Internal communication Wayfinding
elevator screens
Elevate the convention experience with our captivating Elevator Screens! Engage attendees during every ride, seamlessly displaying essential updates and dynamic content. Choose from our range of off-the-shelf solutions, tailored to suit your needs. Enhance communication, streamline navigation, and leave a lasting impression. Elevator screens, your gateway to an elevated convention experience.
parking garage
Unveil the versatility of our INVITE screens! Equipped with the right safety cover, they seamlessly integrate into your conference center’s parking garage. Enhance visitor experience with dynamic displays, providing smooth navigation through the facility. Our INVITE screens, complemented by safety covers, offer a perfect fusion of information and security, elevating the overall convention center experience.
XPO Screens Narrowcasting Digital signage Invite XASTing DOOH Advertising Public buildings Parking garage
escalator screens
Strategic impact: Digital screens by escalators! Engage a captive audience, generating impactful contacts with dynamic content. Elevate your brand’s visibility and inspire action.

Flexible player options

We provide our hardware in combination with every media player and compatible operating system. Furthermore, as a certified BrightSign hardware integration partner, we bring unmatched knowledge and expertise spanning the entire BrightSign ecosystem.

content management

We offer a range of options for displaying content on your screen. You can seamlessly integrate your existing Content Management Solution (CMS), or we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.