Internal communication

Better collaboration
Increased productivity
Quick updates
Stronger engagement
Efficient information flow
Increased transparency
Fewer misunderstandings
Consistent messaging
Improved team performance
Good internal communication increases the effectiveness of an organization
Well-informed employees are more engaged, better motivated, and feel more valued. The growing number of people working from home makes sharing information even more important and at the same time more challenging. This has made the importance of smart systems even greater. We offer various solutions (both in hardware and software) that allow you to communicate effectively with your employees in the right places. The impact is determined by the relevance of the message, the location, and the timing.
Digital signage
Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting, surpasses traditional bulletin boards with real-time updates and increased visibility. Screens display news, entertainment, promotions, and information such as wait times, weather, KPIs, schedules, and job vacancies. The goal is to inform employees, prompt action, and entertain, with greater impact and efficiency.
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Room booking
Everyone knows the situation where you think you can use a room, but it turns out to be already reserved. This can be significantly improved with good internal communication. There are various applications on the market with integrated room booking solutions, allowing everything to be managed from one central system.
Interactive kiosk
Sometimes more interaction is needed, for example, for the check-in process of guests and visitors. This can easily be achieved with a touchscreen display. For added convenience and efficiency, the system can also be enhanced with a camera for scanning QR codes.
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Elevator screens
Elevator screens can be an important element in your narrowcasting for internal communication, especially for office and apartment buildings where elevators are frequently used. They provide impactful communication due to the relatively long presence near the screen and serve as a crucial location in case of emergencies.
Employee app
Many employees do not work in the office or behind a PC, making them harder to reach. A good employee app can provide the perfect solution. Ideally, this communication is managed from the same platform. Fortunately, this is possible with various CMS applications, allowing you to efficiently and effectively reach all your employees.
Data connections
Effective internal communication requires that relevant information from existing systems within the organization (such as ERP, intranet, CRM, etc.) is automatically communicated through the right channels (screens, employee app, etc.) and at the right time. Seamless data integration within your content management system ensures an efficient, secure, and sustainable way of communication, keeping your messages always up-to-date.
Featured CMS applications

Player, OS en content management

Mediaplayer & OS
The choice of media player is crucial in setting up a narrowcasting project for internal communication. When making the right choice, factors such as content type, remote control, security, and price play an important role. With the right media player, you ensure efficient and secure distribution of your message.
Content management software
To display content on the screen, you need a media player with an operating system as well as Content Management Software (CMS) for creating, organizing, managing, and distributing the content across one or multiple screens. Several factors need to be considered in this process.

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