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Meet INVITE! The unique screen solution that enables digital signage in places and in ways that were previously impossible. Our modular structure is one of a kind, unusual, extremely user friendly and can easily be integrated with any custom solution and any desired application.



INVITE displays are built entirely from our XPO hardware modules. It’s modular character gives you an unmatched freedom in your designs. You have different options in XPO display controllers, media players, OS platforms, sensors and screen sizes. And there is more: you can easily expand your set with various other (sensor-controlled) systems.

embedded player

the housing of the INVITE has room for a (separate) media player and is internally powered by the display controller.

This setup creates, together with the build-in USB communication, a SoM solution with full control and keeps all options in media player and OS open.

low voltage makes installation easier

All INVITE screens are designed to work on 24V which makes them ideal to be installed in environments such as restroom areas, elevators and industrial surroundings. And not only for safety reasons, the screens are also easier to install and multiple screens can be powered on 1 power supply.

motion sensors

INVITE screens feature the unique (IR) XPO proximity sensors.

This means: 3 adjustable detection zones, capable of detecting people through both glass and (transparent) mirrors. The system is activated when movement is detected, so you save on energy, contacts can be counted and you are able to trigger content switches for a permanent relevant message.

easy maintenance

the INVITE housing is designed for easy maintenance.

In case of a malfunction, a technician can easily access all electronic components. No precious time is wasted on (dis)assembling.

integrated suspension

the smart housing of the INVITE does not require a separate mounting bracket.

The screen is mounted directly against the wall and therefore only has a total depth of 41mm. As a result, the screen fits easily in every situation, is more vandalism resistant and looks smooth and smart.

safety and design

the INVITE is available with different types of covers

Depending on the location of the screen, you can opt for a more or less robust cover. This varies from a stainless steel cover, suitable for parking garages, to a frameless design cover for a high-end office interior.

restroom blue internal communication square
parking garage
KOSTAS 01 - STILL - NARROW CASTING - 1920 x 1080
parking garage

custom design

the INVITE covers can be ordered fully customized in any design.

We offer you 4 types of covers. Stainless steel, aluminum wide frame, aluminum narrow frame and the frameless cover.  These can be ordered in any color, image orientation (landscape / portrait), glass print and logo. Even completely custom covers are possible on demand. So no one-size-fits-all, but always unique and tailor-made.

screen orientation

The INVITE screens are available in both portrait and landscape models. This is not just a 90 degree screen rotation but an optimized design for both orientations. The correct orientation of your screen solution is determined by the type of content, application and/or personal preference.

all sizes available

The INVITE is available in all regular sizes (16:9) between 21 and 55″.

On request we also offer more ‘exotic’ (stretched, round, square) screen variations as well.


water resistant

The INVITE screens are water resistant and therefore ideal for use in public places and especially restroom areas. The more vulnerable parts are well protected by the front cover that sits completely over the screen. This makes the INVITE screens the best secure solution for public spaces.


The INVITE is the most sustainable and eco-friendly solution in the market. The INVITE was developed on years of experience  and with the best digital signage screen in mind. Only harbouring the necessary features. The energy consumption is therefore extremely low and is further optimized by the sensors. The housing consist of mostly metal, aluminum and glass and almost no plastics or other substances of concern.


smart buildings

The INVITE is incredibly versatile. It can be used in various ways and located in almost any available space, making it ideal for smart buildings.

DOOH advertising

The INVITE is the ideal screen for DOOH. The hardware is the perfect option for use in public areas with a 24/7 availability. The modular configuration allows you to use the INVITE for a variety of DOOH applications.

smart mirror

With the INVITE you already have the choice to order it as a display or digital mirror. The INVITE housing has a cover which can also be ordered with a transparent mirror. This instantly creates a smart mirror.

restroom media

The INVITE displays and mirrors are made for restroom media.  The most impactful spot to convey a message: above the urinals, in the toilet room, next to the mirror and – of course – the digital mirror above the sink.

internal communication

The versatility of the INVITE makes it the ideal screen for internal communication. The INVITE can be fitted in any place with real impact. The design can be adapted to your house style and interior.

elevator screens

Effective communication is all about the right message, at the right place and at the right time.  Screens in – and around – elevators can deliver just that. INVITE is the best off-the-shelf screen solution for elevators.

The INVITE Screens are the ideal hardware for any digital signage or wayfinding solution in any type of building. The screens are public proof and therefore suitable for use in all types of buildings, available in almost all dimensions and fully customizable to your interior design.
This unique screen solution enables digital signage in places and in ways that were previously impossible. The unique and modular structure offers the opportunity to integrate any custom solution for any desired application.
public buildings

Digital signage hardware in publicly accessible places, such as shopping malls, stadiums, airports, train stations, etc., demand specific requirements. They need to be 100% -vandal proof-, and also be able to be installed in the most impactful smart locations. With options for a more, or less, sturdy cover, the INVITE offers all of this.

bespoke interior

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf product, we are probably not the right match… But if you are looking for a solution that is built specifically around the requirements of your project, we are the perfect match! There are a number of good reasons for choosing a tailor-made digital signage solution. An adaptive (branded) design and specific technical applications are the most common reasons. And more often a combination of both.

Video scroll controller

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