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Rise above all with elevator screens
Elevators offer a distinctive opportunity for impactful communication. They serve as prime spaces for delivering targeted content, whether it's informative, entertaining, or promotional.

Successful communication hinges on delivering the perfect message, precisely where and when it matters most. Screens strategically placed within and around elevators fulfill this need. Think about reading restaurant menus in a hotel elevator or catching vital updates in a residential complex's central lift.
Internal communication
Elevator screens can be used for internal communications within corporate or institutional settings. Companies can share updates, employee recognition, safety reminders, or company news to keep staff informed and engaged.
Entertainment and Infotainment
Elevator screens serve as more than just functional displays; they provide a unique opportunity to captivate and engage passengers during their short journeys between floors. By leveraging dynamic content such as entertaining videos, knowledge games, intriguing fun facts, or concise news segments, elevator screens transform mundane rides into memorable experiences.
3D elevator experience
Immerse your guests in a captivating 3D experience. With screens surrounding them on the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor, every elevator ride becomes an adventure. Through the combination of visuals, sound, and potentially sensors and other effects, your guests will feel the sensation of stepping into a new world, enjoying a breathtaking, unforgettable experience.
Wayfinding and Building directories
Elevator screens can be utilized to provide wayfinding assistance within large buildings or complexes. Dynamic maps, floor directories, and directional information can help visitors navigate complex spaces more easily.
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Digital signage solutions
Digital signage applications allow building owners or managers to display customized content such as announcements, advertisements, news updates, weather forecasts, and emergency information.
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The above possible applications largely determine which solution best suits your needs.

Flexible player options

We provide our hardware in combination with any media player and compatible operating system. Additionally, as a certified BrightSign hardware integration partner, we offer extensive knowledge and expertise of the entire BrightSign ecosystem.

Content management

We offer a range of options for displaying content on your screen. You can seamlessly integrate your existing Content Management Solution (CMS), or we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.

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