Mirror media

Digital signage
Retail mirrors
Hospitality displays
Personal motivation
Fitting room assistence
Internal communication
Advertising mirrors
Beauty consultation
Hygenical behaviour
The future of interactive communication
Smart mirrors offer unique utility across various applications. In environments where mirrors are already prevalent, a smart mirror introduces an extra dimension of allure, engagement, and user experience.
Digital signage
Smart mirrors seamlessly integrate digital signage in retail, hospitality, or offices, capitalizing on the high attention traditional mirror locations receive. This communication form enhances customer experience and interaction, optimizing engagement in these settings.
Retail mirrors
Digital mirrors are ideally suited for retail environments, particularly in fashion and eyewear stores, where mirrors play a vital role, offering intriguing communication opportunities, especially when equipped with pickup, touch, and proximity sensors.
Personal motivation
A look in the mirror is a moment of reflection. Confronting yourself is often just the right nudge to do what you have to do. Receiving a subtle and well timed message can give you just one last necessary push in the right direction.
Fitting room assistance
A fitting room mirror commands ultimate attention. Imagine transforming it into a smart, interactive assistant. It could provide additional information, suggest alternatives, and offer combinations, enhancing the shopping experience.
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Advertising mirrors
Impact through relevance. That's the essence of effective communication. Smart mirrors provide the opportunity to engage with your target audience at the right moment and with the right message.
Hygenical behaviour
Good hand hygiene is important. Standing in front of a mirror that suddenly transforms into a screen displaying an instructional video or infographics on proper handwashing techniques will have a significant impact and capture attention. The timing and location could not be more relevant.
Beauty consultation
In environments where external care is paramount, such as cosmetics shops, hair salons, or beauty salons, mirrors play a crucial role. Consumers often gaze into mirrors during treatments or decision-making moments, presenting a perfect opportunity for contextual and subliminal messaging.

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