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Transform hospitality experiences with advanced AV solutions, redefining guest journeys. Merge cutting-edge technology, captivating interactivity, and innovative visuals, ensuring guests stay engaged and delighted throughout their stay. Discover specialized AV solutions that reimagine hospitality spaces, immersing guests in unforgettable experiences. Embrace interactive elements, such as digital mirrors and unconventional displays, elevating guest engagement.

Enhance ambiance with integrated solutions that flawlessly blend into your venue’s design, leaving a lasting impression. Experience scalable embedded technologies tailored to your unique needs, exceeding standard solutions. Trust our customer-centric approach to elevate brand presence in a competitive market. Embrace AV innovation, revolutionizing your venue and crafting extraordinary guest journeys.
single sided free standing
Embrace your guests with ARCADIA’s dynamic displays, effortlessly sleek design, seamless interior integration, and interactive options. Captivate hospitality spaces, leaving lasting impressions in lobbies, halls, and more.
dual sided free standing
Enrich hospitality interiors with our dual-sided ELYSIUM screen. Seamlessly showcase dynamic content, captivate guests from multiple angles, and optimize space utilization, enhancing the overall ambiance and guest experience.
restroom media
Discover the added value of restroom media solutions in hospitality. Engage guests in a casual way, sharing upcoming events, special offerings, local attractions, and hygiene tips. Elevate the guest experience and create memorable interactions within the comfort of the restroom.
elevator screens
Elevate guest experiences to new heights with our cutting-edge digital elevator screens. Unlock the added value of captivating dynamic content that showcases upcoming events, irresistible promotions, local attractions, and essential information, creating an engaging ambiance during their elevator rides. From the moment they step in, till they reach their destination, guests will be delighted by the immersive and informative content, leaving a lasting impression on their stay.
INVITE screens
Experience the added value of INVITE screens for hospitality. Personalized wall-mounted displays that seamlessly merge with interior design, no standard TV disrupting aesthetics. Vandal-resistant, ideal for busy entertainment venues. Elevate your space with INVITE’s sophistication.
round screens
Captivate hospitality interiors with alluring round screens. Seamless elegance and dynamic content create memorable guest experiences. Enrich your space with innovative allure.

custom solutions

Let’s craft your bespoke solution. With in-house hardware and firmware development, we have the freedom to create distinctive and reliable custom solutions, setting you apart from the rest. Our expertise spans idea development, engineering, prototyping, and seamless realization. Embracing collaboration, we cater to both end customers and system integrators, ensuring a truly tailored experience.

Optional player platforms

Our screen solutions offer you the freedom to select the player platform and operating system (OS) of your choice.

Experience the dependable performance of BrightSign

As one of the select display manufacturer partners of BrightSign, we have seamlessly integrated their cutting-edge System-on-a-Chip (SoC) module. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive all-in-one solution, encompassing all the advantages, features, and power of running BrightSignOS.

Other platforms

If you prefer a player platform other than BrightSign, rest assured that our screens can accommodate various players and operating systems such as Linux, Android, and Windows.

content management

We offer a range of options for displaying content on your screen. You can seamlessly integrate your existing Content Management Solution (CMS), or we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.