• enhanced experience
  • real-time information
  • dynamic content
  • eye-catching
  • elegant design
  • purpose-built
  • remote management
  • eco-friendly
  • sustainable solution
Elevators provide a prime platform for impactful communication, capitalizing on captive audiences and tailored content delivery. This optimal space enables the effective sharing of information, entertainment, and advertising.

Unlocking a range of possibilities, our diverse selection of screens offers various formats and designs, empowering you to elevate your communication strategy to new heights.

choose the right fit


The INVITE offers an ideal wall-mounted solution for both new and retrofit elevator screens. With a wide range of sizes, designs, and materials available, the screen can be customized to suit your specific requirements.
The ZENITH is an ideal elevator screen solution for both retrofitting and new construction projects. This versatile screen can be seamlessly recessed into the wall panel, providing a sleek and integrated look.
The Serenity Mirror: An exquisite Built-in solution with crystal clear clarity for elevator screens that demand perfection. Seamlessly integrated and invisible within the elevator interior. Sublimely serene for your guests.

available with touch

Experience a new level of interactivity with our Touch-Enabled Lift Screen. Seamlessly integrated with responsive touch technology, this dynamic and immersive display empowers users to directly engage with content. Whether for wayfinding or roombooking, our touch-enabled version enhances accessibility and interactivity, ensuring every interaction is truly remarkable. Elevate engagement and unlock the full potential of your content with our Touch-Enabled Lift Screen.

smart mirrors

Elevators often feature mirrors, capturing the attention of passengers during their brief or extended glance. These mirrors present an exceptional opportunity to integrate our innovative smart mirror technology.

Digital elevator mirrors can be achieved through our versatile range of options: wall-mounted, recessed, or fully built-in solutions. The choice depends on your specific application, preferences, and budget. Kindly share your requirements with us, and we will deliver the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

optional player platforms

Our screen solutions offer you the freedom to select the player platform and operating system (OS) of your choice.

experience the dependable performance of BrightSign in your elevator

As one of the select display manufacturer partners of BrightSign, we have seamlessly integrated their cutting-edge System-on-a-Chip (SoC) module. This allows us to provide you with a comprehensive all-in-one solution, encompassing all the advantages, features, and power of running BrightSignOS.

other platforms

If you prefer a player platform other than BrightSign, rest assured that our screens can accommodate various players and operating systems such as Linux, Android, and Windows.

content management

We offer a range of options for displaying content on your elevator screen. You can seamlessly integrate your existing Content Management Solution (CMS), or we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.
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Our lift screen solutions are designed for effortless installation in both retrofit and new-build elevator installations. These screens operate on a 24V DC power supply, seamlessly connectable to the existing power source of the lifts. Furthermore, our screens offer versatile connectivity options, allowing for offline usage as well as seamless integration via WiFi or cable connection.