Elevator digital screen installation

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about installing digital screens in elevators, both in general and specifically for the different configurations we offer.

Power connection

24V DC

Most of our elevator screen solutions operate on 24V DC and can be directly connected to the elevator’s 24V power supply or to 230V via an external power adapter. Using 24V low voltage ensures a simple and safe installation, saving both time and money. This low voltage solution reduces the risk of electrical accidents and enables installation in a wide range of elevators without extensive electrical modifications. Additionally, using 24V DC supports compatibility with existing elevator infrastructures and promotes energy-efficient operation.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

For screen sizes up to 27 inches, power can be supplied via PoE. PoE combines power and data connections through a single cable, making installation simpler and more cost-effective. It provides reliable power supply and increased safety by using low voltage cables. Additionally, PoE simplifies maintenance and allows for scalable expansions without complex wiring. This makes PoE an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for integrating screens in elevators, enhancing the reliability and operational efficiency of critical building management systems.

Data connection

For both remote maintenance and content updates, it is important that the screen is accessible remotely. Therefore, the screen must be connected to the internet. Internet in an elevator can sometimes be challenging because it constant vertical movement.

LAN (Local Area Network):

The most reliable solution for internet in an elevator is a wired LAN network. Many modern elevators are already equipped with this, but if not, it is highly recommended to install it. Although the necessary cables can be expensive due to the length and continuous movement of the elevator, this provides the most stable connection.

(Wireless Local Area Network):

If wired internet is not an option, you might consider using WLAN (Wi-Fi) to get the screens online. However, the steel frame of an elevator can interfere with the wireless signal. Therefore, have a professional network manager assess whether stable wireless internet is possible in your elevator. An alternative is to place an access point at the fixed stopping point of the elevator, so updates can be downloaded when the elevator doors are open.

Update via USB:

If internet is not an option in your elevator, you can also update the screen content using a USB stick. However, this requires physical access to the elevator and remote management in case of failures is not possible. For situations where the content only needs to be updated occasionally, this is a practical and feasible solution.

Ethernet Extender Solution:

A possible cost-saving solution is to use an Ethernet extender, which allows you to create a LAN signal via the unused 2-wire cables in the elevator.
If you’re uncertain about the available connectivity options for your project, consult with your installer for guidance.

Declarations and Certifications

Screen mounting

Click on the links below for the specific installation instructions for the different formats.

Frequently asked questions

Any kind of single pair 2 core copper wire can be used, such as Cat5e/6, telephone line, power line, shielded/un shielded, twisted/parallel.
These are meant to extend an Ethernet interconnection, i.e. 4G or WiFi modem to Router, Router to switch, switch to switch, switch to device.

Connection can be characterized as: Ethernet Device <-> CAT 5 or 6 Patch Cable <-> Ourten Extender <-> single pair 2 wire cable <-> Ourten Extender <-> CAT 5 or 6 Patch Cable <-> Ethernet Device.

If you use just point to point and the receivers are not put together, there is no need do the grouping. Otherwise, we can do it for you or we can send our grouping software and we will teach you how do it yourself.

No, if you need products which can work with PoE, we have other PoEextenders to meet this requirement.

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