The INVITE stands out due to its unique installation convenience compared to other screen solutions. The housing is designed in such a way that a separate mounting bracket (VESA) is unnecessary. This allows the screen to be mounted flush against the wall without visible wiring or openings. Despite the vandal-resistant housing, the INVITE remains accessible to authorized personnel. Maintenance and repairs can be easily performed without needing to disassemble the entire screen.

Integrated mounting

The housing of the INVITE consists of a wall plate that contains all electronic components. This is directly mounted to the wall without the need for a separate mounting bracket. Then, the front cover is placed, completely sealing the enclosure.

Easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance Thanks to its innovative housing design, maintaining the INVITE screen is effortless. Simply remove the front cover, granting full access to all electronics without needing to dismantle the entire screen. This efficient approach ensures quick and efficient maintenance of large numbers of screens with minimal downtime.

Low voltage makes installation easier

All INVITE screens are designed to work on 24V which makes them ideal to be installed in environments such as restroom areas, elevators and industrial surroundings. And not only for safety reasons, the screens are also easier to install and multiple screens can be powered on 1 power supply.

Optional PoE module

For screen sizes up to 27 inches, power can be supplied via PoE. PoE combines power and data connections through a single cable, making installation simpler and more cost-effective. It provides reliable power supply and increased safety by using low voltage cables. Additionally, PoE simplifies maintenance and allows for scalable expansions without complex wiring. This makes PoE an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for integrating screens in elevators, enhancing the reliability and operational efficiency of critical building management systems.

Optional IR sensors​

The integrated motion sensors make the INVITE a sustainable solution. The IR sensors ensure that the backlight is automatically turned off when no one has been near the screen for an extended period. This results in efficient energy consumption and an optimized lifespan of the panel. Additionally, these sensors can activate content when someone approaches the screen. Think of switching to a different template or shrinking the content, which is particularly relevant for a mirror.

Instructional videos for INVITE installation

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