the custom made screen solution for every interior design

Finally a digital screen solution that can be fully integrated with any interior design: the INTERIO. The INTERIO is the ultimate all-in-one digital screen solution, with an almost endless versatility and adaptability. The digital signage dream of every interior designer who wants nothing but the best in functionality and design. We believe in solutions without compromise. This has resulted in the INTERIO.


XPO modules

The INTERIO is technically similar to all our other products. It is based on our standard XPO modules. This means that parts can easily be replaced and upgraded, keeping the INTERIO always effortlessly up-to-date with the latest improvements.

no concessions to design

Our INTERIO solutions can be made to perfectly match (or even desolve in) your interior design. So, that is where the process starts: your interior design. The INTERIO hands a designer the possibility to integrate a digital screen into the intended interior design without any limitations.

one-off and serial projects

The INTERIO is suitable for both one-off projects and serial productions. The bespoke part(s) that specially made to suit your interior (usually the housing) can be produced in smaller or larger numbers. The basis of your solution consists of universal XPO parts which are never out of stock.

ideal for retail interiors

The design of your shop interior is essential. Especially with the increasing popularity of online shopping, customer experience is crucial in the retail these days. This is where you can make the difference by stimulating all the senses with your brand identity. Everything has to fit together perfectly. The integration of digital signage into the interior is no exception. So, no regular screens in your well thought through interior! Your design is key and the realization is a consequence.



The process starts with the design of your interior. In our view signage solutions must be subservient to your interior design.

The INTERIO is developed for this purpose and gives a designer unlimited options to blend digital signage into the design. In this example the challenge was to integrate a screen solution into their mirror design.


Based on the supplied design and the desired functionalities, we develop a solution that matches. The techniques we use for the custom parts are suitable for one-off and serie productions.

The solution has to be exactly the same as the design, and also manufacturable. It has to have the smart construction of a mass product, even if it is a custom build.

final result

As indicated, we strive for an optimal result without any concessions. In this example we prove our competence skills. As you can see the digital screen is fully integrated in the designed mirror and is invisible. Invisible motion sensors automatically adjust the content as soon as a person is standing in front of the digital mirror. This opens doors for surprisingly creative content.

Video scroll controller

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