all you need to know about installing INVITE in your elevator.

INVITE screens are easy to install. Learn more about the benefits, connectivity and how to mount them in your elevator.


24V DC

INVITE screens are easy to install inside elevators.
The complete screen runs on 24V DC and can be powered either by a 24V power source provided by the elevator or directly to the 230V installation using an external power adapter. This makes it easy to install and/or retrofit in any modern elevator setup. Since the complete system is powered by 24V lowvoltage wiring can be used which makes installation quick and saves you time and money.

integrated suspension

ensuring a tight fit with minimal depth.
Our INVITE screen comes with an integrated suspension system that eliminates the need for a separate mounting bracket. This allows the screen to be mounted directly on the wall, ensuring a tight fit with minimal depth and is ideal for retrofit projects. Check out our installation video here.

Power over Ethernet

The INVITE can be supplied with PoE up to 27 inches, enabling power and data transmission over Ethernet cables to reduce costs and simplify installation. PoE is commonly used to power devices and can also be used in elevators, providing improved reliability, safety, maintenance, and scalability for critical building operations.



(Wireless) Local Area Network
If the elevator has a wired network connection available, the screen can be connected to the LAN to access the internet. If the elevator has a strong enough signal strength, the screen can be connected to the WLAN to access the internet.

Ethernet Extender Solution

An Ethernet extender solution can help overcome these challenges by enabling the Ethernet signal to travel over longer distances without degradation or loss. This solution can transmit network signals using any 2-wire cable in the traveling cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring and saving on labor and cable costs.