Versatile sizes
Touch option
Multi-OS compatibility
Integrated media player
Built-in IR sensors
Sleek and sturdy design
Safety glass
Interactive experience
Customizable design
Welcome to the future of dynamic displays with ARCADIA, where cutting-edge innovation meets unparalleled audience engagement. Its sleek 35mm steel frame, safety glass, and robust housing ensure both durability and style, while the customizable design adds a touch of uniqueness to complement your brand or environment seamlessly.

ARCADIA offers seamless integration with all types of mediaplayers and OS platforms, making content management a breeze with the option to install almost any common player in the foot. Take interactivity to new heights with optional IR sensors and a touch interface, providing a truly immersive and intuitive experience.


We offer the ARCADIA in 32, 46, and 55-inch variants. Custom sizes are available upon request, and frame height adjustments can also be accommodated.
32 inch
46 inch
55 inch
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Available with touch

Unleash interactivity and elevate engagement with our touch-enabled freestanding display. Seamlessly integrated with responsive touch technology, it offers a dynamic and immersive experience, empowering users to interact directly with content. From presentations to interactive kiosks, the touch version adds accessibility and interactivity, making every interaction remarkable.
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Multifunctional base

ARCADIA's specially designed base allows for easy integration of various media player formats, seamlessly incorporating your own type of player within the housing. In many cases, we can even power the media player internally, reducing cable clutter to just one connection to the socket. Additionally, the ARCADIA comes with a separate power adapter that can be conveniently placed in the base if preferred.

Optional IR Sensor

Enhance your ARCADIA screens with integrated proximity sensors, providing sustainable automatic on/off functionality and seamless content transitions when a person approaches. For instance, effortlessly switch from digital signage content to interactive touch applications.
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Harmony in design

Avoid introducing disruptive elements into your carefully planned interior design. Ensure seamless integration of your ARCADIA into the aesthetic by customizing the frame in your preferred color, guaranteeing a harmonious match at all times.

Flexible player options

We provide our hardware in combination with any media player and compatible operating system. Additionally, as a certified BrightSign hardware integration partner, we offer extensive knowledge and expertise of the entire BrightSign ecosystem.

Content management

We offer a range of options for displaying content on your screen. You can seamlessly integrate your existing Content Management Solution (CMS), or we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.
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When considering the choice of CMS, there are several important factors to take into account

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