Connect your people, places, and spaces
Appspace is the workplace experience platform for your whole team that lets you manage it all – from employee communications to your physical office spaces. So work-from-anywhere becomes an experience everyone loves. Goodbye disjointed tools!

Digital signage

Space reservation

Visitor management

Experience app

Content & publishing

How Appspace makes a difference
One platform for all your devices
Appspace is the workplace experience platform for workplace communications and workplace management. It’s the first platform to combine their Workplace Experience App, modern intranet, space reservation, digital signage, and more – all in a single, easy-to-use platform that unites physical and digital workspaces.
Content that's seen
Give your communicators the power to create their message once and publish in just a few clicks. The Appspace library of countless pre-designed HTML templates makes it easy to share any information. Templates keep all departmental announcements on-brand and ensure perfect formatting on displays of any size and orientation. Card templates also natively work on computers, phones, and in other apps like SharePoint, Teams, or Slack, making it easy to share information beyond your digital signage.
Make it effortless for your visitors
We’ve all been there: the front desk bottleneck. But with self-service, touchscreen kiosks, guests and visitors can breeze through the check-in process – and even opt for mobile check-in by scanning a handy QR code.
Play Video
Play Video
Form factor freedom!
Appspace is renowned for its flexible digital signage platform, capable of adapting to unique form factors like round screens. Beyond traditional rectangular displays, it offers precise control over resolution, size, and positioning of content.
The perfect corporate collaboration
INVITE people to engage
Make your digital signs interactive, via touchscreen kiosks that provide wayfinding, directories, visitor management, and space reservation capabilities. The INVITE provides the perfect solution.
Freestanding ARCADIA screens
Seamlessly integrate our ARCADIA freestanding screen for dynamic and flexible wayfinding, efficient visitor management and employer branding – all in one versatile solution.
Unlock effective communication with employees, visitors, and customers through automated content, delivering the right information at the right time. By using Appspace in your corporate environment you can create a more connected and engaging workplace experience, with solutions for specific business needs, teams, and industry. Learn more about our corporate solutions here!
Use this first-time user overview to get to know the basics of the Appspace Platform!