elevate experiences with 22Miles' smart digital signage, wayfinding, and AI solutions
22Miles transforms ideas into well-designed, multi-faceted, all-in-one digital signage & wayfinding solutions. Their core belief is that every customer is a partner and every use case is an opportunity to drive smarter and more agile digital and mobile-forward solutions. 22Miles' cross-platform software helps everyone from first-time users to industry veterans develop their unique digital signage requirements to an easily deployed solution. Additionally, 22Miles incorporates cutting-edge AI solutions, enhancing the intelligence and adaptability of their offerings for an even more advanced user experience.

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3D wayfinding
The 3D wayfinding engine by 22Miles incorporates an AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT. Offering a distinctive full 3D map equipped with zoom, spin, and search capabilities, it further surpasses competitors that provide only 2.5D extrusion. What sets their system apart is the inclusion of detailed 3D models for furniture, fixtures, stairs, and more. Beyond visuals, it supports advanced functionalities such as map stacking, navigation routes, precise travel times, and compliance with ADA accessibility standards.
space utilization
Managing flexible workspaces with 22Miles Publisher Pro is a breeze. The CMS streamlines room bookings, automates calendars, and centralizes reservation data. This saves time, boosts productivity, optimizes resources, and enhances communication. Integrating this CMS can bring cost savings and operational efficiency, benefiting organizations of all sizes.
digital signage & kiosks
From digital directories to event boards to digital menus, 22Miles’ template-driven solution communicates your company’s voice to visitors, donors, customers, patients, students, and employees. Incorporate live widgets such as weather, live traffic, news tickers, social media feeds, and event management API integrations into any display.
22Miles and XPO Screens: seamless integration
INVITE Screens
Invite visitors, donors, customers, patients, students, and employees into a world of immersive communication. With XPO Screens INVITE hardware paired with 22Miles’ template-ready solution, create dynamic digital directories, event boards, and digital menus that resonate with your company's voice. Effortlessly incorporate live widgets like weather and live traffic for a truly engaging experience.
Transforming ordinary spaces with our elevator screens and 22Miles' template-ready solution to convey your company's message seamlessly. Whether it's digital directories, event boards, or digital menus, captivate visitors, donors, customers, patients, students, and employees with a dynamic communication experience. Enhance the engagement further by incorporating live widgets, including real-time weather updates.
ARCADIA freestanding screens
Elevate your communication strategy with ARCADIA freestanding screens combined with 22Miles’ template-ready solutions to seamlessly convey your company's voice across digital directories, event boards, and digital menus. Engage visitors, donors, customers, patients, students, and employees with dynamic content. Enrich the experience by effortlessly incorporating live widgets, ensuring real-time updates and a truly interactive communication platform.
XPO Screens and 22Miles proven partnership: Telus Calgary case study
XPO Screens and 22Miles CMS seamlessly integrated for a successful display at Telus Calgary Convention Centre. Having relied on 22Miles CMS for years, Calgary Convention Centre recognized the compatibility of XPO Screens with their existing system as a pivotal factor in their choice. Benefit from an integrated solution that optimizes display systems effortlessly, ensuring an engaging and interactive content creation experience.