What is BrightSign?

BrightSign is a US-based hardware manufacturer of specialized digital signage mediaplayers. With more than a decennium of experience they are the leading mediaplayer partner in regard to reliability and world-wide distribution.

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Unrivaled digital signage hardware

BrightSign creates dedicated hardware for the signage space, their product line includes many options for different usecases. Whether it is small signage displays, 8K displays or giant videowalls, BrightSign has a hardware solutions to all signage problems. Most of the hardware is a dense mediaplayer with ports and connections for every use-case. You can run multiple displays from one player, add sensors via USB or even buttons directly to the GPIO header. With players that play content from FullHD al the way to 8K, they truly have a player for everyone.

BrightSign Built-in, combined hardware benefits

Most of the XPO Screens displays have a special slot for the BrightSign Built-in product line. A specialized embedded player which allows for very slim installations, making it a perfect fit for our displays. With BrightSign Built-in comes every option also available on their comparable larger form-factor counterparts in a sleeker, wireless package. Because of the improved airflow created by the heatsink solution on top of the embedded mediaplayer we can squeeze even more performance from these small players. Running your content without a problem.

Compatible players for XPO hardware






BrightSign OS

Every player needs an operating system, so why chose anything but BrightSign OS, purposely built for 24/7 operation in various environments.

The BrightSign Operating System

BrightSign-players gebruiken hun eigen besturingssysteem genaamd BrightSign OS. Dit op Linux gebaseerde besturingssysteem biedt uitstekende betrouwbaarheid zonder de belasting van veel tussenliggende systemen. In plaats van een bestaand besturingssysteem te nemen en alle onnodige onderdelen te verwijderen, is het OS vanaf scratch opgebouwd en zijn alleen de noodzakelijke functionaliteiten opgenomen. BrightSign OS is purpose-built en ondersteunt diverse integraties en clientapplicaties, met een specialisatie in signage-toepassingen.

BrightSign OS Extension – XPO Core

The XPO Core is a BrightSign OS extension, which as the name implies is an add-on for the BrightSign OS. This extension, called the XPO Core is responsible for our sensor communication and getting certain parts of the client applications up and running. It can also be used to enable serial communication with any piece of hardware or sensor and get that data right in your client application. No need to write/create a custom serial solution, it’s already built in. The XPO core can be supplied on any BrightSign mediaplayer and is a surefire way to enhance the capabilities in the most reliable way.

Content Management

When choosing for BrightSign there are many options in regards to publishing content to the mediaplayers. Locally via BrightAuthor:Connected or the Offline client, or something network based like BSN.Cloud or one of the many content management system partners. Read about the various solutions below.


BrightAuthor:Connected or BA:Connected is a free program that allows for basic content management. It is also the tool most used to manage the mediaplayers themselves. This includes installing new firmware versions, updating Wi-Fi credentials and ordering varying installations. BA:Connected allows the user to directly upload presentations over the local network or via USB drives. These presentations can include videos, images, webpages and clocks to name a few.


BA:Connected allows for pushing presentations locally but what if your installation is in a different city? A different country even? Then we also offer BSN.Cloud as an extension to BA:Connected. It allows for publishing content over the internet. From anywhere in the world you can now not only manage the mediaplayers but push content as well. These presentations are now stored on a server and the assigned mediaplayers will check the server for any updates in the presentation.

HTML5 application

Do you have an existing HTML5 application or webapp running either publicly or on an intranet? Good news! We have multiple ways of displaying any webapp served locally or publicly using BrightAuthor as a wrapper for your webapp. Using the remote management to change URLs and keep an eye on caching ensures your apps will run smoothly on BrightSign. Often a quick check is all that is needed to test the app using BrightAuthor. Furthermore, your CMS partner might not have a dedicated BrightSign application but a generic webapp instead. These can also be run on BrightSign.

XPO Offline Client for BrightSign

XPO Screens has also made their own lean-and-mean offline client application specifically for BrightSign mediaplayers. This client offers very basic functionality, runs completely offline and is updatable by inserting a USB drive. Nothing else! We offer the Offline Client in 2 versions: portrait mode and landscape mode. If you’re looking for a basic way of displaying fullscreen images and videos in the absolute most reliable way. Check it out!

Different Content Management Systems

So what if you already have a CMS (content management system) which you prefer or would like loads more functionality like weather widgets, interactive social feeds and complex wayfinding applications? Then you want to take a look at the official CMS partner list below. These are all partners that already have a working client application on BrightSign mediaplayers. There are a bunch of great CMS’s that each have their own specialization. Want to lean heavy on templates? What about lots of sensor integrations? Or are you looking for a very lean and mean CMS? Take a look below for the details on each one!


Deployment, small scale and large scale, it shouldn’t be a question or afterthought.
With BrightSign you get all the tools all the time, easy for one-offs, manageable for large scale.


BrightSign players use setups called provisioning packages. These packages are prepared with things like: correct firmware versions, Wi-Fi credentials, pre-loaded partner applications and much more. These packages can then be pushed to 1, 2 or 100 mediaplayers at the same time. So whether you’re installing a single mediaplayer or 100 mediaplayers, the process is the same. The package itself can be put assigned to the player using: USB drives, microSD card or via a network connection for true full-scale mass assignments.

BrightSign Platform Stack

The BrightSign Platform Stack is a combination of the BrightSign OS, the addon extensions supplemented by XPO Screens and your preferred content management system from the list. It brings all the added benefits from the XPO Core to an already great deployment method and ensures that all aspects correlate well with each other.


Frequently asked questions

BrightSign players are all equipped with an ethernet port. Every BrightSign player can be hooked up to the network using a LAN-cable. Wi-Fi is also available as an option.
There are many different methods of showing your website or other webapplication using a BrightSign player. Either pushing it through BA:Connected or using a CMS, the difference shows when the URL needs frequent updating.
They might still have an application for BrightSign mediaplayers! Just not on their partner list. A quick evaluation will determine if your CMS app is compatible with BrightSign players.
While BrightSign can’t run native android apps, most do have an underlying HTML5 container which is able to run on BrightSign, ask for the possibilities.
Definitely! Whether they have a USB connection or something more exotic, we have the experience in adding connection to the BrightSign OS layer as part of our BrightSign Platform Stack.

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