Multiple options exist for managing the content on your elevator screens. The suitable one depends on your specific application and requirements.


BrightSign Free local content management

Every BrightSign Built-in elevator screen comes with the free BrightAuthor PC software application. This local webserver tool makes creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations simple and dependable. Ideal for when a cloud solution is not needed or when content is updated via SD, USB or local network.

BrightSign Content Cloud

BrightAuthor:connected is also available as a part of a cloud solution called Content Cloud. This is an affordable annual subscription that is part of BSN.Cloud, which includes all Control Cloud features and a complete set of content and network management tools. It comes with BrightAuthor:connected, enabling easy content creation and management.

BrightSign approved partners

If you prefer a different type of CMS, BrightSign also offers a range of approved software partners that are optimized to work seamlessly with your BrightSign Built-in elevator screen. When you are still in the orientation phase in terms of CMS, exploring this list of approved partners can be an excellent starting point.

your current CMS

Would you prefer using our elevator screens with another CMS then one of the above mentioned? No worries, we offer two options. First, you can use your CMS in combination with the BrightSign Built-in player, for that we will check and test compatibility. Or we can see if we can incorporate your preferred media player and OS on request.

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